Holiday Jersey Sale

Holiday Jersey Sale

Our Holiday Jersey Sale is in full effect! Although launched less than a month ago we couldn’t let the holiday season pass without making a big deal out of it! With Christmas less than 1 week away and only 11 days left in 2018, there has never been a better time to save on our custom and preconfigured bowling jerseys.

Q:Everyone has sales this time of year, what’s the big deal?”

  • A: How about 40% off everything!

Q: “Did you just say 40% off everything?!

Q: Wait, you’re telling me I can buy $100 gift card for $60?

  • A: Absolutely.

It’s time to let the eggnog flow and your bowling ball roll! Simply enter discount code: xmas2018 during checkout and receive 40% off your entire order.
Happy Holidays from all of us at Jersey Alley!

2 thoughts on “Holiday Jersey Sale

  1. Braden Maxwell says:

    Holy Smokes that’s a good deal! Love the 3d feature you guys have going on!

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